Engaging With Islam

Ministry Of Grace Evangelistic Resources

o Conversation on the Trinity by W.St.Clair Tisdall
o The Doctrine of the Trinity by L.Bevan Jones
o Attacks on the Trinity by Nehlls
o The Holy Trinity 1 by Herbert Spencer
o The Holy Trinity 2 by Herbert Spencer
o The Holy Trinity 3 by L. Bevan Jones
o The Holy Spirit by Herbert Spencer

· Is Allah the God of the Bible
o The God of the Bible and Allah the same Being? (by Herbert)

· Revelation Christian And Muslim Doctrines
o Christian and Muslim Doctrines of Revelation
o Allah's degrees
o The Holiness & Righteousness of Allah & Justification
o The Destiny of Man

· Man his nature and good deeds
o The Muslim understanding of the creation and nature of man
o God's Work

· The use of the Quran and the Bible in controversies
o The use of the Qur'an in Controversy with Muslims

· Understanding the Islamic Creed and Law
o Muslim Canon Law

o Islamic Law - The Sharia
o The Muslim Creed (by L. Bevan Jones)
· Islam's view of Christianity and the Church
o Muhammad's concept of Christianity and Christians
o The Construction of Churches in Muslims lands
o Questions Christians most commonly ask about Islam
o Questions Muslims commonly ask about Christianity

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