Engaging With Islam

Ministry Of Grace Evangelistic Resources

· Christ's Birth
o The Birth of Mary in the Quran
o The Supernatural Birth
o Why should God become incarnate?
o The Unique Birth of Christ

· Christ as a Person
o The Person of Jesus Christ
o The Muslim Christ
o Christ in Christianity and Islam
o Christ's Miracle
o Character of Christ
o Why should God be come incarnate

· Christ's Work
o Challenge of the three of tombs
o The Crucifixion
o The Historicity of the Crucifixion
o - The Orthodox view - Jesus did not die
o - A Muslim rationalist interpretation
o - How came Muhammad to make these statements?
oThe Resurrection
o The Atonement
o Objections against the Doctrine of Christ's Atonement

· The Muslim Christ
o Christ's Name and their Significance
o Why did Muhammad use the term 'Isa?
o Why did Muhammad use the term El Messih?
o The Quran Account of His Life Death and Translation
o Jesus Christ Supplanted by Muhammad

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