Engaging With Islam

Ministry Of Grace Evangelistic Resources

· Traditions
o Traditions
o Understanding Islam - Relating the Quran to Tradition
o The Chief Material of early Muslim History

· Hadith's Concerning sin in Islam
o Pilgrimage and Forgiveness of Sin
o Fasting and Forgiveness of Sin
o Good Works and Forgiveness of Sin

· Hadith's Concerning Muhammad
o Muhammad the Messenger of Allah
o Muhammad's Sinfulness
o Muhammad Seal of the Prophets
o Muhammad's Miracles
o Muhammad's Inspiration
o Muhammad's Wives
o The Superiority of the Prophet Muhammad
o The Favourable Qualities in the Conduct of Muhammad
o The Unfavourable Qualities in the Conduct of Muhammad
o The Intercession of Muhammad

· Hadith's Concerning prayer in Islam
o The call to Prayer
o Forgiveness of Sin in respect of Ablution and Prayer
o Muslim Ranks at Prayer and the Sutra
o Muslim Prayer

· Hadith's Concerning Christian faith
o The Corruption of the Scriptures
o Jesus Christ in Islam
o The Jews
o The Christian

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