Engaging With Islam

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· The Person and character of Muhammad
· The Religious and Prophetical Character of Muhammad
· Muhammad - The Meccan Period
· Muhammad - The Medinan Period

Islam as Missionary Religion by C.R. Haines

· Muhammad the Peaceful Preacher
· Muhammad the Militant Preacher
· Historical Example of Muslim Expansion Through Conquest
· Historical Example of Muslim Expansion Through Preaching
· Historical Example of Muslim Expansion Through Conquest and
· Historical Reason for the Success of Islam

Life of Muhammad by Sir William Muir

1. The Birth and Childhood of Muhammad
2. The Youth of Muhammad up to his Fortieth Year - occupation; mercantile trips; the sacrilegious wars.
3. Muhammad and Khadijah - re-building of the Ka'aba; visits to
Mount Hira
4. Muhammad's Inspiration and Early Sura
5. Early Opposition and an assessment of Muhammad's Inspiration
6. Early Converts and the First emigration to Abyssinia
7. The Satanic Verses
8. The Fifth to Tenth Years of Muhammad's Mission - further converts; further persecution and The Ban
9. Muhammad and the Jewish Scriptures
10. Islam planted at Medina- The First Pledge of Acaba
11. Visit to Taif-Islam Planted
12. The Spread of Islam in Medina- Muhammad's Midnight Journey;
The Second Pledge of Acaba
13. Muhammad's Concept of Christianity
14. Teaching of Muhammad during the last three years at Mecca
15. Muhammad's entrance into Medina
16. The First Two Years at Medina - Different groups; deteriorating
relations with the Jews
17. The Religious Institutions of Islam
18. Hostilities between Medina and Mecca
19. The Battle of Bedr
20. The Year Following the Battle of Bedr - the Jews; assassinations
21. The Battle of Ohod - Muhammad wounded; rewards for the martyrs
22. Beyond the Battle of Ohod - Bani Nadhir exiled
23. Domestic Matters - Muhammad marries fourth, fifth, sixth
and seventy wife; Ayesha scandalised
24. The Siege of Medina - the massacre of Bani Coreitza
25. Muhammad's appeal to the Jewish Scriptures and the Jews
rejection of his claims
26. The Theocratic Government
27. The Sixth Year of the Hegira - Extension and consolidation
28. The Treaty of Hoeibia
29. The Conquest of Kheibar - Muhammad poisoned; Muhammad
bewitched by Jews
30. The Lesser Pilgrimage performed at Mecca
31. The Conquest of Mecca
32. The Battle of Honein - the scandal over Mary the Copt
33. Annihilation of Idolatry - warfare continues
34. More and more tribes submit to Islam
35. The Farewell Pilgrimage
36. The Sickness and Death of Muhammad

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