Engaging With Islam

Ministry Of Grace Evangelistic Resources

· Quran
· The Quran
· The Bible and the Quran
· The Collection of Quran
· Translations of the Quran
· How was the Quran revealed?
· Five reasons why the Qur'an claims to be of divine origin

· Abrogation
· Abrogation
· The Doctrine of Abrogation
· The Theory of Abrogation - W.A. Rice
· The Seven Readings

· Jam al Quran - John Gilchrist
· The first Collection of Abu Bakr
· The Uthmanic Recession of the Quran
· The Missing Verses
· The Codices of Ibn Masud and Ubay ibn Kab
· The Missing pages of the Quran
· The Seven different Reading
· The Compilation of the Quran in Perspective
· The Earliest Surviving the Qur'an Manuscripts

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